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Project Description
Pop2Ticket is a Windows Service that checks a POP3 account for new messages and adds them as tickets to a project at

What's Unfuddle?
Unfuddle ( is a secure, hosted project management solution for software development teams.

What's Included?
There are three main pieces of this project.
  1. The Pop3Client object which can connect to a POP3 account, get new messages, read new messages, delete messages and disconnect. It is far from a full POP3 implementation. It cannot send mail.
  2. The UnfuddleClient object which can add tickets to a specified Unfuddle project with a subject, body and priority.
  3. The Pop2TicketService which is a Windows Service. It support start, stop, pause and continue.

  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket work with GMail?
    • A: Yes. It also works with Google Hosted Apps mail (though, you need to use as the server no matter what).
  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket support POP3 over SSL?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket support Unfuddle over SSL?
    • A: Yes
  • Q: How do you configure Pop2Ticket?
    • A: There is an XML file called pop2ticket.config which lives in the same directory where the Windows service is installed. If it's not there, it will be created the first time the service is run (and then the service will exit). Once the pop2ticket.config file is populated the service can be restarted and run successfully.
  • Q: Is there a sample pop2ticket.config file?
  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket support text, HTML and multipart formatted emails?
    • A: Yes (see next bullet)
  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket use any third-party libraries?
  • Q: Does Pop2Ticket parse Html emails into nicely formatted Unfuddle tickets?
    • A: Nope, when SharpMimeTools parses the MIME message all of the Html markup is removed. You could potentially tweak this but the HTML would have to be translated to whichever formatter your Unfuddle account is set up to use (Markdown, etc).
  • Q: Does a Windows user have to be logged in in order for Pop2Ticket to function?
  • Q: Which OSs are supported?
    • A: Pop2Ticket was developed on XP SP2. It hasn't been tested anywhere else, although, it will probably work fine in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and current Server editions.
  • Q: Is there an installer?
    • A: Nope, sorry.
  • Q: How do I install Pop2Ticket?
  • Q: Is the source code commented?
    • A: Yes! As of March 29th, 2009 at least :)

This library and service does not handle all functionality of the Unfuddle API. It's not meant to and probably never will. Full Unfuddle API documentation can be found here,

Project Inspiration
The original Pop2Ticket was written in Ruby can be found here, Windows developers needed something similar.

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